By Rufas Chege Kales are one of Kenya’s most demanded green vegetables especially due to their nutritional value. The Kales business is extremely vibrant both in urban areas and rural areas. Selling Kales is very easy and offers you an opportunity to make a decent living. Kale belongs to the brassicas family – a group […]


By Rufas Chege Grapes are often ignored in home gardens, and yet are one of the most widely produced fruit in most of the parts all over the world as well as beautifully ornamental plants. Grape vines not only produce sweet and versatile fruits, they add an element of drama to a garden or landscape. […]


Cabbage Farming in Kenya has been one of the most profitable enterprise for farmers for a long period of time. There are three varieties of cabbages in the country that is smooth-leafed green, smooth-leafed red, and crinkled-leafed green, also known as savoy cabbage. Cabbage grows well in full sun, but being a cool-weather crop, it […]

Growing Rutabaga.

By Rufas Chege In most areas,planting of rutabagas is not recommended because they tend to become woody during hot season or summer. Some areas of the south can overwinter rutabagas, though growing for a fall harvest is still generally preferred. Rutabagas takes a lot of time to germinate, slow growing and susceptible to weed pressure, […]

Pros of Turnips.

By Rufas Chege Every crop planted by a farmer have got multi purpose use to both the farmer and livestock rared. Nutrients available in turnips have got a range of health benefits,and they include the following. One, lowering blood pressure According to a 2013 study published in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology , foods […]


By Rufas Chege The turnip or white turnip is a root vegetable generally grown in temperate climates, tropical and subtropical regions for its white, bulbous taproot. The most common type of turnip is coloured in white. This root vegetable belongs to the family of “Brassicaceae”. The small and tender roots are used for culinary purpose […]

Banana Farming.

By Rufas Chege For the past so many years farmers in Kenya depend a lot on cash crops such as tea and coffee for their livelihood until the prices dwindled. This left many hopeless as many resigned and gave up on agriculture. Fortunately or unfortunately, a research company introduced, tissue culture bananas which would come […]

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