Dairy Farming

By Rufas Chege

Dairy Farming

Dairy farming in Kenya is a fat cash cow! No pun intended, but what can you say about a business that’s estimated to be a multi-million project if managed properly.

Most farmers who have ventured into this business with high aspirations, and a relentless drive to see their goals through to the end, have recorded massive success since the demand for milk, and dairy products is always at an all time high.

It is even more profitable for those who have been able to add value to their products since they tend to call the shots when it comes to market prices.

Dairy farming in Kenya has experienced major improvements over the years as more farmers have realized the importance of looking for better ways to improve their skills and yields.

These efforts have in turn propelled the dairy industry to new heights. As part of Kenya vision 2030 or perhaps an inherent desire for success, dairy farmers in Kenya have gone out of their way, and for the most part embarked on self-starter initiatives to learn better ways of improving their production.

This self training approach has been achieved through different channels of learning, including televised farming programs, dairy farming stories in local newspapers, and online articles among other reliable sources of information.

This form of farming is currently mostly practiced by small-scale farmers in different regions of the country inducing Central, Coast, Easter, Central and Rift Valley regions, which is another good indicator that anyone is destined to make it in this industry.

These farmers account for 80% of the dairy farmers, with only 20% accounting for the large-scale farmers.


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