By Rufas Chege

Goats are some of the simplest livestock animals to rare and especially if you are not consistent on buying livestock feeds.

They are hardy animals and can survive in almost all kinds of climatic conditions as long as there are shrubs to feed on.

Goat farming in Kenya for meat or milk- You can focus on either
Goats can be kept for their milk and meat, depending on what you are interested in.

Commercial goat farmers may pick a side because the care of dairy and meat goats will differ slightly in ways that affect production. Besides, whichever goat venture you choose also influences the variety of goat that you’ll keep. For instance, dairy goat farming in Kenya has seen the exploitation of the Toggenburg breed which is known for its high milk production.

When you are starting out in goat farming venture, it is advisable to visit the dairy goat association of Kenya to learn more about the different breeds of milk. It is especially crucial for farmers who are looking into doing this for commercial purposes.


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